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Cognitive Ergonomics and Human Factors is the discipline that studies the behavioural and cognitive aspects of the relationship between the person and the physical and social environment, when this relationship is mediated by the use of artefacts.

Design and technological innovation

To be truly effective, technological innovation should be conducted by considering that the design and development of products and environments must be done thinking about the people who will use them.

Human Factors in the design of workplaces

The psychological components are now more important than the physical ones in the work done by one person. The technological revolution in industry has meant that human work depends on the perceptual abilities, memory, decision making etc., rather than the manual skills of workers. For this reason, the intervention of cognitive ergonomists is essential to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and safety of workers.

Psychological problems resulting from working

Often working causes us pain that is manifested as anxiety, stress, insomnia, irritability or depression. The Cognitive Ergonomics Group can help assess the impact of these psychological symptoms in your health and to treat them in order to improve your quality of life.